Shipment & Delivery Info
  1. Shipment charges for order placement will be different for each country
  2. A confirmation email will be sent with a total cost including shipment charges and an approximate delivery date after receiving order
  3. After shipping the order, an email will be sent with a tracking number of particular courier service in addition to link of their site
  4. The delay in a shipment can be due to special holidays, unexpected order processing aspects or bad weather conditions
  5. Check your shipment status at any time on a specific issued courier website link
Payment Option and Procedure

Payment for an order will be deposited in a bank account through letter of credit (LC) procedure.

Terms and condition
  1. Claim should be within 7 days after receiving delivery
  2. A written explanation about damaged product must be sent on company’s email address
  3. Damaged or faulty products can be replaced with new similar ones
  4. The damaged product can also be compensated in next order in case of bulk
  5. The product cannot be replaced with other items
  6. The returning shipment cost will be on customer and if the fault in product is from ibaexport side then whole shipment cost will be refunded
  7. Used products will not be exchanged
Return Policy

Returns will be entertained if they comply with our terms and conditions.


These terms and conditions can be changed from time to time. The returning order will be finally on decision of a company after thorough analysis and takes at least 3 weeks after receiving shipment from customer. Return our product on company identified address.


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